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Frequently Asked Questions

✨What is is an online tool that allows you to upload a photo of your room and apply different design styles and themes to it.

🪄How does it work?

Simply take a photo of your room and upload it to Then, choose a type of room and select from different popular interior design themes to apply to your room.

🔒 Is my personal information secure?

Yes, we take your privacy seriously and your uploaded photos are not shared online. You can select to store your photos in the cloud, but your photos are never shared with a third party. We do not collect any personal information upon registration.

🧨 Can I delete my photos and renders?

Yes, you can delete your photos and renders from within the app at any time.

🏞️ What design styles are available?

You can choose from different popular interior design themes such as Farmhouse, Coastal, Modern, and Traditional designs.

🫶 Can I share my styled photos?

Yes, you can download and share your styled photos to your computer or mobile device.